What is the PSTN withdrawal?

Openreach is switching off the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in December 2025. The PSTN provides the infrastructure necessary for public telecommunications. This decision comes as better solutions have become widely available that meet the demands of modern communication more effectively. 

What does the PSTN withdrawal mean for me? 

This means that services that rely on PSTN technology will no longer work after 2025. The two main services impacted are Landlines and Broadband.  

Lifts, Payment Terminals, Alarm Systems and other crucial services may also be affected if they require an active phone line. Fully digital solutions will have to be implemented before the end of December 2025 to avoid downtimes or complications. 

How can I prepare for the PSTN withdrawal? 

You should start by finding out which services you will need to upgrade. You should review all your existing systems and services. Contacting your existing provider(s) might be necessary if you are unsure if a service or product will be affected. 

We recommend preparing now. Due to the foreseen demand spikes closer to the deadline, waiting until then will likely result in delays and might cause downtime for your business. 

You can learn about the PSTN withdrawal in more detail by reading ‘The Openreach PSTN Withdrawal’

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